Monday, April 10, 2006

WOW - Cape Wine is done and dusted!!

What an amazing week for South African wine as the WOSA team pulled out all the stops for an amazing introductory week for scores of foreign journalists and buyers. It is always hard to judge results - but I certainly think that it is going to pay off big time.
So now the hard work starts for producers in following up and chasing those contacts - making sure that the pile of bussiness card is not wasted.
Go for it!


Jeanine Wardman said...

Where is everybody?! Wouldn't it be great to have a debate going in the wake of Cape Wine? What did it do for your business and how can the show be finetuned in future to better serve SA's producers? C'mon! Opinions make the world go 'round!

Anonymous said...

See Melvyn Minnaar's commentary at and Lynn Bolin's survey at

Mike Ratcliffe said...

jeanine, That is a great idea, lets do it! Perhaps it can be an informal debate. Anyone who wants to make any anonymous comments or criticisms can also use this forum.