Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Next Rootstock meeting

The next Rootstock meeting is coming and we are going to have it soon- details will be posted on both the Rootstock blog as well as on the www.wine.co.za diary page. We are going to be talking technology in wine marketing, the significance of increased internet penetration and the opportunities that this holds globally for wine. Is there an opportunity in South Africa yet. We may talk blogging, podcasting and viral marketing - depends on where we go.
Big topic: Is the Telkom monopoly and their agressive anti-competitive behaviour restricting the roll-out of affordable internet to our populution and reducing our global competitiveness. Well, that was a retorical question - of course it is. Will the new telecon service provider in 2007 change all that or is it a pipedream?
We are putting together a panel of speakers to debate and discuss this hot topic. Sure, we may go off the point and will follow the discussion where it takes us - but it will be a good one.
I will try to get a representative from Telkom - wish me luck. Does anyone have other thoughts for speakers?? Let me know so that we can contact them.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Thoughts on Rootstock guest speaker???

OK, it is that time of year again when Rootstock puts together a plan for some guest speakers. Lets hear what you all have to say. Does anyone have a suggestion for a speaker or a topic that needs to be adressed. Our industry is in a continual state of flux and we should stay ahead of it in this forum. Lets hear your thoughts. Click on comment below.